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New-Home Services

Brian J. Owens founded a small excavating company in 2005, contracting with local Clearfield builders to start off his business. "BJOE" has grown over the years and expanded its services since first starting out as an excavation company for new construction projects; today they offer everything from site clearing and grading work, foundation installation and concrete pouring - all while still adhering to their original values of customer satisfaction!

Water Meter Pits

Water Meter pit being installed

Homeowners are now required to have a water meter pit installed before the house is built. BJOE can work with homeowners and their local utility company to dig out the area for installation of this new requirement, including installing it themselves if they so desire.

Home Testing

When a home or company is being sold, the township requires several tests be done to make sure they are complaint with the codes. The tests can range from assessing electrical systems and plumbing, to ensuring that all doors open without issue.

When selling a new property, it's important for both parties involved in the sale not only assesses its condition but also complies with any safety standards set by local authorities such as fire departments and township boards or health inspectors like private contractors hired on behalf of municipalities wishing an unbiased assessment before issuing permits necessary for occupancy approval. Tests can be any of the following:

Smoke Test

A smoke test is a simple but effective way of checking your sewer pipes for fractures or cracks before the water starts to flow. In order to perform this, you take an oxyacetylene gas torch and pump it with air while lighting one end until there's enough pressure in the pipe that will cause all gasses inside to be pushed out towards only one side.

Dye Test

A dye test is used on your downspouts, and it's the best way to check for leaks. You may have a problem if you notice that water is running into your house or pooling in places where there should be no debris. The solution? A professional plumber can help identify any potential problems so they don't worsen over time!

Camera Services

Our team of skilled and experienced technicians will come to your home or business with all the right tools in tow. They'll use a camera to inspect your sewer laterals for any signs that there may be breaks, cracks, blockages or other code violations.

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