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Home Services

New-Home Services

In 2005, Brian J. Owens founded a small excavating company. First contracting with local Clearfield builders, the company has grown over the years and expanded. BJOE is proud to offer our full range of new home services.

Water Meter Pits

Water Meter pit being installed

Any new home that is build is now required to have a water meter pit. BJOE can work with the water company to dig the pit, so the water meter can be installed.

Home Testing

When a home or company is being sold, the Township or Borough requires several tests be done to make sure they are complaint with the codes. They tests can be any of the following:

Smoke Test

A smoke test can be done to make sure there are no breaks or cracks in your sewer laterals

Dye Test

A dye test is used on your downspouts, and it makes your that your downspouts do not run into the sewer system

Camera Services

We take a camera and run it up your sewer laterals or downspouts to look for break, cracks and any code violations.

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